First Look at Season 2 of ‘Red Skin’

Red Skin 2 promo

I can’t believe Red Skin is back!  Who would have thought, huh?!  And you the fans really have to thank our head stylist/makeup artist Nia Word (@nia_word) because she’s the one who pushed me to revamp the series and continue the stories we originally wanted to tell when I created Red Skin back in 2016.

I am so blessed to have two awesome series stars @LamarDaric and @Javontaee_.  We all had a blast filming the first few episodes of Season 2 which premieres in June 2019.  I believe this season’s opening scene will knock you out — it’s so compelling if I do say so myself.  Below are some starter images to whet your appetite for the continuation of an explosive, emotional and heart-wrenching story about the rollercoaster of toxicity between two co-dependent lovers.  We’re aiming for awards season with this one!

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Peace and love.



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